Evey Taylor is a czech photographer, mostly interested in the B&W photography.

She pursues a photography for several years now.

Educated in several special courses – Analogue Photography on S.M.T. in Pilsen, Plan-air Photography on ArtCamp by Faculty of Art and Design in Pilsen, Atelier Photography on ArtCamp by Faculty of Art and Design in Pilsen, B&W Photography by Igor Adler in Brno.

Since 2013 she is in close co-operation with SONY CZ/SK. In 2014 she became one of a photographic ambassadors of SONY CZ/SK.

During 2015 she was shooting covers for magazine Nota nebe.

During 2016 she had her own fashion page in magazine Nota nebe.

In 2016 she started casual co-opreation with CARL ZEISS CZ.

In the begging of 2017 she has started be one of the photographic lectors in Atelier of Photographic Experience.


2013 – Shooting In the Spa, Pilsen

2014 – The Ruins From the Crushed Dreams, Prague

2014 – Abandoned Action, Pilsen

2014 – The Crushed Dreams vol. I, Prague

2015 – With Dignity in Freedom, Prague

2015 – The Crushed Dreams vol. II, Prague


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